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Prepared Farinata 250g


Prepared Farinata Taste Pizza 220g



The farinata in Piemonte

Bennet, Crai, Gulliver, Punto Sma, Dimar, Auchan, Billa, Il Gigante, Coop, Carrefour, Eataly, Unes, Basko, Billa.

The farinata in Liguria

Crai, Punto Sma, Billa, Basko, Coop, Carrefour, Eataly.

The farinata in Lombardia

Bennet, Auchan, Il Gigante, Coop, Eataly, Unes.

The farinata in Valle d'Aosta

Crai, Gulliver, Punto Sma, Coop.

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